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Latest Logo Design Trends - 2009

Logo Design Trends 2009, Logo design, design trends, logoHey Friends ! today we are posting about the Latest Logo Design Trends of 2009. Logo Designing is an Crucial part of Design Industry, as the Logo carries the Identity of an Business,


A logo is a graphical element (ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon, sign) that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. Typically, a logo's design is for immediate recognition.
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To gain a upper hand in market, one should have a remarkable logo. So the Question is that "How we can create a remarkable logo?" its Answer is just as easy as "One, Two & Three". To create a Remarkable logo, one should have knowledge of the latest trends of "Logo Designs". Thanks to Logo LoungeLogo Lounge and Logo OrangeLogo Orange, for their posts about the latest "logo design trends -2009", we come to know about all these trends


By Logo Orange - Logo Design Trends 2009


Trend 1 - Psychedelic Pop Backgrounds

Psychedelic Pop Backgrounds


Trend 2 - Origami



Trend 3 - Tactile Logos

Tactile Logos


Trend 4 - Arabesque



Trend 5 - Classic Modernism

Classic Modernism


Trend 6 - Pictograms



Trend 7 - 80's Geometry Lesson

80's Geometry Lesson


Trend 8 - Typographic Logos

Typographic Logos


Trend 9 - Street Art

Street Art


Trend 10 - Puzzle Patterns

Puzzle Patterns



Logo Lounge - Logo Design Trends 2009


Trend 1 - PhotoFill



Trend 2 - Concealed



Trend 3 - Varidot



Trend 4 - Candy Stripe

Candy Stripe


Trend 5 - Texting



Trend 6 - Encrust



Trend 7 - Monologue



Trend 8 - Doily



Trend 9 - Flip Flop

Flip Flop


Trend 10 - Mosaic



Trend 11 - Sequential



Trend 12 - Recycle



Trend 13 - Dandelion



Trend 14 - Circulate



Trend 15 - Gossamer

Hope you liked it, and please drop us a link in comment if you have noticed any other trends over web.Thanks and Happy Surfing!


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