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Create Creative Swirl Pattern in Photoshop in Just 5 minute

Creative Swirl Pattern in 5 minutes

Hi Friends, today we are going to create an swirly pattern using gradients and filters in Photoshop CS3. Its an very easy and simple tutorial, so you dont need any special knowledge of photoshop to achieve this effect. So lets start with it...



Lets start with creating a new documents in photoshop by pressing CTRL + N or Go to File menu > New.

Use the settings shown in the image above.




Now in newly open document Select Gradient tool by pressing "G" on your Keyboard. Now go to Properties bar and edit the current gredient. In Gredient Editor box, Select your gredient colors as #620001 & #d10b0a. Click ok then. 

Use gradient as it shown in the image above.




Now with gradient tool selected, draw a gradient on screen in which dark side should be at bottom and bright side should be at the top.

Photoshop gradients tutorials

draw gradient as it shown in the image above.



After filling the gradient, Go to Filter menu > Distrot > Wave Filter, and click on it. It displays a wave filter pop-up screen.
In wave filter pop-up box, choose the settings as shown in image below i.e.

Number of Generator = 15;
Wavelength = 57 (for both min. and max.);
Amplitude = 1 (for both min. and max.);
Scale = 100 % (for horizontal and vertical);
Type  = Sine; and
in Randomize = Repeat Edge Pixels

click on OK button

Swirly pettern using photoshop

Use the settings as it shown in the image above.



Now Press "CTRL + F" to re-use the wave filter with the same settings as in the previous step. Keep on Pressing "CTRL + F" until you  get your desired effect.

Thats it !! Enjoy !

Here is the Final image:

Create Pattern Designing in photoshop

 Please do comments on the tutorials, its very important for us  to improve. 


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albert said on : March 13, 2011  

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Eren said on : January 25, 2011  

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iam really impressed by this tutorial

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textures said on : October 27, 2010  

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SUNITA said on : August 14, 2010  

Its very easy and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank u

Celi said on : July 18, 2010  

Just found this site and tried the tutorial. It's brilliant! Even an old lady like me with very basic knowledge of Photoshop could do it.

Mou said on : May 26, 2010  

Its awosome,amazing...Thank u,,Thank u sooooooooooo much...

Priyanka said on : April 23, 2010  

Very good Tutorial nice method.. I m loving it...I want to learn more.... kind me mail me this kind more methods.....

ravi ambuga said on : February 23, 2010  

thnks for this tutorial. Helped me a lot....

MEHREN said on : October 08, 2009  


Busi said on : March 31, 2009  

Its very easy and I enjoyed it a lot. thanx for sharing it

Broady said on : February 05, 2009  

I do love this effect : ) Thanks for sharing it ; )

benedict said on : January 25, 2009  

I do appreciate this beautiful & creative design
please pick it up

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