Latest Logo Design Trends - 2009

Logo Design Trends 2009, Logo design, design trends, logoHey Friends ! today we are posting about the Latest Logo Design Trends of 2009. Logo Designing is an Crucial part of Design Industry, as the Logo carries the Identity of an Business,


How to Create A Retro Style Apple Wallpaper in Photoshop

Hi guys, today i am posting a new tutorial on "How to Create a Retro Style Apple wallpaper in photoshop". As we all here love Apple and Mac, so i just thought why not to post some tutorial on apple. I hope you like this tutorial, so without wasting any time lets start with retro apple wallpaper tutorial.


How to Draw A Cute Clownfish in Photoshop

how to create cute clownfish in photoshop

Few days back, while i was surfing over net for some inspiration I came across to a post related to Underwater Wallpapers. From there i got my inspiration for this tutorial, in which we are going to learn how to illustrate a cute clownfish(I call him NEMO - all you must be knowing him) in photoshop. So lets start with this interesting tutorial... on HOW TO CREATE A CLOWNFISH IN PHOTOSHOP!


Create a Stylish Business Card in Photoshop

learn how to create stylish business card

Hello My Dear Friends, Sorry for being so late in publishing my next tutorial, but i assure you that from now we will post some very unique, and interesting tutorials on Photoshop. By the way, you might find some english mistakes, maybe a lot sometimes, but I will try my best to make it as legible as possible.
Today we are going to "Create a Stylish looking Business Card in Photoshop". Its an very easy and simple tutorial to understand. This tutorial is something inspired by "Ismaelgnc's Business CardsIsmaelgnc's Business Cards" on flickr. I like the idea and the way of presentation, so i decided to share the steps behind creation of Business Cards but in my own way. So lets start with it...!!


Create Creative Swirl Pattern in Photoshop in Just 5 minute

Creative Swirl Pattern in 5 minutes

Hi Friends, today we are going to create an swirly pattern using gradients and filters in Photoshop CS3. Its an very easy and simple tutorial, so you dont need any special knowledge of photoshop to achieve this effect. So lets start with it...


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