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Create a Stylish Business Card in Photoshop

learn how to create stylish business card

Hello My Dear Friends, Sorry for being so late in publishing my next tutorial, but i assure you that from now we will post some very unique, and interesting tutorials on Photoshop. By the way, you might find some english mistakes, maybe a lot sometimes, but I will try my best to make it as legible as possible.
Today we are going to "Create a Stylish looking Business Card in Photoshop". Its an very easy and simple tutorial to understand. This tutorial is something inspired by "Ismaelgnc's Business CardsIsmaelgnc's Business Cards" on flickr. I like the idea and the way of presentation, so i decided to share the steps behind creation of Business Cards but in my own way. So lets start with it...!!




Lets start with opening a new File in photoshop of 800px x 700px dimension by clicking on File menu > New  or pressing CTRL + N on your keyboard. 

create business card

Use the settings as it shown in the image above.



After opening a new file, Set Foreground Color to #000000 (black) and Background Color to #dda100 (ocre yellow). After Doing these, Go to Filters menu > Render > Clounds.

After applying Render > Clouds filter, your image will look like this: 

Stylish Business Card Tutorials

Then add a blank layer over this and fill it with black color and set its opacity to 65%. Till now we have completed the background for our business card.



Now add a blank layer on the previous black color layer and name it as "card". Now with Marquee tool selected (M), draw a rectangle in center of your image, and fill it with black color. Now go to "card" layer's Blending Options or just double click on "Card" layer. In Blending options Dialog box, choose "Gradient Overlay". 

In this, choose Blend mode to 'Normal' ;
Opacity to '100%' ;
Gradient color from Black to Grey (#000000 to #6A6A6A) & Check the Reverse box;
Style = Radial , Align with Layer ;
Angle equals to 0 ; and
Scale to 150% .

Learn to create business cards
and also apply outer glow property to this layer in blending options.

Use the settings shown in above image and click on Ok. Now you have some similar to image shown below:

learn how to create business card in photoshop

Now lets move to the next step !!



After doing all the above steps, add one blank layer above the "Card" layer and name it "Strip". Again in this layer draw a rectangular Marquee and fill it with the yellow bg color. Now transform it (CTRL + T) slightly to the left, in this way so that its width covers the Left top corner of the card below.

creative business card tutorials in photoshop

Now while "Strip" layer still selected, press CTRL key + click on the "Card" layer. This will select the filled area of "card" layer. Now we have to delete the extra space from the strip layer, so to invert the selection, press (CTRL + SHIFT + I) and press delete key to remove the extra space.

Now make two duplicate layer of the "Strip" layer by right click on Layer > Duplicate layer, above the original "Strip" layer.

Name them "Strip Texture" and "Strip Shadow" respectively. Now drag "Strip Shadow" layer below the "Strip" layer and fill Black color in it instead of yellow color.

Now Go to Filters menu > Blur > Motion Blur & apply motion blur with 0 degree angle and 40 px distance.

photoshop tutorials on business cards
Remove the extra space that is created by applying blur filter in "Strip Shadow" layer.



Now come to "Strip Texture" layer and fill it with black color same like previous step. Now CTRL + Click on "Strip Texture", this will create selection around the black space.

Go to Filters menu > Noise > Add Noise. and select the settings as shown in image below.

create business cards 

After that , immediately go to Filter menu > Blur > Motion Blur option. In this use "-54 degree angle"  and 40 px distance. and click on Ok button.

Now change the blending mode from 'Normal' to 'Linear Dodge' of "Strip-Texture" Layer. Now you have something Similar to the image shown below :

Stylish business card tutorials, photoshop



Now after this, again move to "Strip" layer and open its Blending Option dialogue box. In which select "Gradient Overlay" property and choose the settings shown below :

create swril pattern in photoshop

After this, Select the Type Tool and insert the desired text... whatever you want to write.

 After Inserting Text in your image, add a blank layer named as "Card-Texture" above all the layer. Now while "Card-Texture" layer selected, Press CTRL and Click on "Card" layer to select the filled area. After Selection go to "Card-Texture" layer and fill it with black color. Now change the blending mode of "Card-texture" layer from 'Normal' to 'Soft Light'...

After that... Go to Filter menu > Noise > Add Noise .. and click ok. Now you Have an Image similar to shown below :

create a cute clownfish in photoshop, stylish card



Its looks like we have almost completed....the only thing remaining is to add fire in the Card. For that.. i used a stock photo from http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1067967http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1067967. Import it in your file and adjust it accordingly...

To delete the unwanted parts from flames... use Quick Mask option. If you dont know how to use quick mask.. then you have to visit my next tutorial in which I am going to show you "How to Create a  burning word"



Here is our final image. Looking cool !! You can view the final image preview below or view a larger version here

Stylish Card for yor business

Till then enjoy surfing and if you want to Download the original Source file, then here is the link below :

DOWNLOAD PSD SOURCE FILE Download PSD Source file of Creative Business Card Tutorial



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